The project "Reabilitation and equipment for the National Information center and Tourist Promotion Comanesti, Bacau County" is performed by Regional Operational Program 2007-2013, Priority 5 - Sustainable development and promotion of tourism, Area of ​​Intervention 5.3 - Promoting tourism potential and creating the necessary infrastructure, Operational - Creation National Information center and Tourist Promotion (CNIPT) and equipment to increase Romania's attractiveness as a tourist destination within the  Regional Operational Program 2007-2013.

Total Project Value: 546,533.53 lei, out of which the grant eligible amount from FEDR is - 451,794.29 ron, the grant eligible amount of the national budget is – 38.145.30 ron, co-financing of eligible beneficiaries – 9.998.77 lei and the non eligible value including the VAT is – 46.595.17 ron.

The financing contract is signed by the territorial administrative unit in Comanesti as beneficiary and the financer, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration as Managing Authority for Regional Operational Program 2007-2013, the National Authority for Tourism (Direction control means community for tourism) as Intermediate Body for the tourist.

The project is in sustainability phase.

The main objective of this project is to develop the tourism information infrastructure of people interested in the city of Comănești area and the Trotuş Valley  in order to develop tourism in the area within the City Development Strategy in Comăneşti for 2012-2020 through the rehabilitation and the equipment of an office that will become the National Centre for Information and Tourism Promotion in Comănești, Bacău County.

Specific Objectives

  • The establishment of a national information centre and tourism promotion in order to increase the awareness for Comănești area among tourists by increasing the amount of useful information about the objectives and the hosting in the area;
  • Linking the tourism objectives in Comănești to thematic circuits and their correlation with tourism products in the region of Bacău County and the neighboring counties;
  • Introducing the concept of using the Internet to promote specific sightseeing for Comăneşti and letting the tourists know about them;
  • Improving the image of the area and of Comăneşti and the creation of a local identity as a foundation for rising the regional tourism.