Comăneşti city's historic monuments are true historical documents, testimonies of the evolution of this city. The cultural heritage of the city still retains many historical and architectural monuments of important value.

Contemporary Art and Ethnography Museum D. Ghika Comănești built in the last decade of the nineteenth century by Dimitrie N.Ghika under the guidance of the architect Albert Galleron (was the architect for the Athenaeum in Bucharest) adopting a baroque style. Since January 1989 it is intended as  ethnographic and contemporary art museum.

G.P.S.  N 46.2513326 /  E 26.2649264

Schedule: Monday closed; Tuesday-Sunday: 0900-1700

Prices: Individual entry 4 ron/ person; for a group 2 ron/person; photos in the lobby: 3 ron/piece; filming locations allowed: 30 ron/20 min

C.F.R. Station Building Comăneşti achieved in 1892. The building suffered some damage during the military operations in World War II, but it was restored entirely.

G.P.S.  N 46.2514616 /  E 26.2700840

City library - an old building from 1910, with beautiful architectural aspect, formerly owned by Colonel Stephen Trandafil.

G.P.S.  N 46.2517473 /  E 26.2628342

Comănești City Hall - The building was owned by P. Polter until 1946, former administrator of the domain Ghika family.

G.P.S.  N 46.2523378 /  E 26.2603039

DADA monument in Moinești – monument built in honor of Tristan Tzara and artistic current generated by it, created by the german sculptor Ingo Glass - born roumanien.

G.P.S.  N 46.2853571 /  E 26.2957995