The monastery "St. Andrew" from Podei Quarter - in the picturesque Trotuş Valley.

G.P.S.  N 46.2440229 /  E 26.2632448

"St. Constantine and Helen" cathedral in the town center.

G.P.S.  N 46.2517926 /  E 26.2616428

"St. Spiridon" Orthodox Church – at the foothill of Cetățuia Hill built between 1810-1815 by Spiridon, during the reign of Scarlat Calimachi.

G.P.S.  N 46.2524504 /  E 26.2631740

Wooden Orthodox Church "St. Stephen" (next to Central Market).

G.P.S.  N 46.2513477 /  E 26.2608676

"St. Nicholas" Orthodox Church" from Leorda Neighborhood, built of wood in 1751 and enlarged in 1901.

G.P.S.  N 46.2610729 /  E 26.2620775

The Orthodox Church "Virgin Birth" from Lăloaia Quarter, built between 1908-1928 with interruptions due to World War I.

G.P.S.  N 46.2534296 /  E 26.2450989

The Church "St. Elijah" from Vermești Quarter.

G.P.S.  N 46.2508931 /  E 26.2818342

"St. Peter and Paul" Orthodox Church from Șupan neighborhood built between 1802-1807.

G.P.S.  N 46.2506363 /  E 26.2540942

Catholic Church "St. Anthony of Padua" from Lunca de Jos Neighbourhood.

G.P.S.  N 46.2457945 /  E 26.2710350