The Carols Festival " Florile Dalbe " – The Competition Festival of Carols aims to keep the children, the adolescents and the adults interested in the Romanian carols as a holiday tradition.

Date: December 20 to 24

Location : Central Park

The Festival: Ancestral traditions - One of the most important local events, it keeps a tradition unique in the world, namely: The Bear Dance, it  is an ancestral Traditions Festival at its XX th edition;  Efforts have been made for this to become part of UNESCO circuit. This event is held annually and is attended by numerous bands that keep winter ancestral customs and traditions of Mountain Valley, Trotuş Valley,  Tazlău Valley and, in recent years, even of other parts of the country .

Date: December 30th

Location: Central Park

Holy Epiphany - Orthodox believers celebrate the Baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Date: January 6

Location: Central Park

Comanesti Anniversary

- On this occasion, there are events such as military and religious ceremony at the war monuments, sports competitions, the national chess championship.

- Also, during these days, Comănești offers to the entertainment enthusiasts the opportunity to listen to live music of all tastes, a great bonfire and exciting fireworks .

Date: August

Location: Galion Area

The National Symposium "Dimitrie Ghika- in memoriam" - Dimitrie Ghika Association Symposium provides an opportunity for scientific and cultural exchange among guests from various fields and the inhabitants of Comăneşti , book launches , photo exhibitions .

Date: October

Location : Museum of Ethnography and contemporary art D. Ghika Comănești