Șupan Area with a surface area of about 200 hectares, is protected thanks to the layers like, "Șupan Formation" consisting of sandstone, sandy clay infilled with coal on the lower stream of Șupan River and the Interflux Trotuş - Șupan. Deposits from the  base formation that go through Galion river are made ​​of shells and gastropods. The area is located 47.5 degrees north and 25.26 degrees East to the South-West limit of Comăneşti city .

Ghika Park has an area of ​​69.380 sqm which before 1944 was one of the most beautiful areas in the country.

Zăvoi Park with an area of ​​13.697mp is located in the Technical College "Dimitrie Ghika" area, creating a pleasant environment for Zăvoi district.

Central Park has an area of 4.800 square metres, and is located on Republic Street in the center of the newly built areas of the city.