In Comănești there is the only International Cemetery of Romanian Heroes, specially built in 1933 after the end of hostilities in World War I, where they gathered the bones of our heroes, regardless the camp they belonged to; Here lie 165 Romanian heroes, 46 German soldiers, 2141 Russian soldiers, 370 Hungarian soldiers and 191 Austrian soldiers.

G.P.S.  N 46.2508492 /  E 26.2721948

Heroes Commemorative Trinity from the War of Independence in 1877 and the First World War located on Comăneşti hill, built in the years 1925-1928.

G.P.S.  N 46.2525273 /  E 26.2617856

Heroes Monument in the churchyard of Lăloaia built between 1933-1938.

G.P.S.  N 46.2534296 /  E 26.2450989